Terms and Conditions:

Online bookings


1. After booking the appointment, you will receive an email with a payment invoice for information about your appointment. Your appointment is only fixed after receiving your down payment. (this applies to the permanent make-up)

2. If you have permanent make-up that should be removed, so that the treatment cannot be performed during your scheduled appointment, you have lost your down payment (provided you have not sent photos via WhatsApp).

3. If you have already had Botox or Fillers applied to the area to be treated (1 week before your appointment), so that your treatment cannot be performed on the planned dates, you have lost your deposit.

4. If you are late due to heavy traffic, please let us know on our telephone number. From 30 minutes it is no longer feasible to help you further, so you will lose your down payment and have to schedule a new appointment.

5. For additional treatment within 3 months after the first update, you pay 50 euros. This is valid once. It is not possible to come by every 3 months for a follow-up treatment

6. You are not allowed to use the sun or tanning bed until 2 weeks after your treatment. Please schedule your appointment after your holiday. We are not responsible for faster fading during the summer months.

7. You can only cancel by telephone or via WhatsApp on our telephone number. Please note, if you cancel the appointment via email, Facebook or Instagram, you will have lost your down payment or we will charge costs.

8. You are responsible for scheduling the follow-up treatment on time. If you plan this after the term, you pay for the treatment.







1. If you cancel / reschedule from 48 hours before your appointment, you will lose your down payment or you will be charged.


2. Down payments will not be refunded under any circumstances. You can use your down payment within 12 months if you cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours in advance.

3. In case of pregnancy you can use your down payment at a later period, but your down payment will not be refunded. (Permanent make-up)






5. If you have had permanent make-up performed elsewhere, you must send a photo via WhatsApp (+31630301083) so that we can see whether a cover-up is possible.